22 04 2008

Sorrow can keep you crying
tomorrow I may be dying
can I borrow some of your trying willful way
babe, you won’t believe me when I tell you
I want to hear what you have to say
it’s just as important to me
as the rising of the sun each day
another stage
play I’m in a cage
say, won’t you tell me why you’re in a rage
lovely blond lady in a loose dress
gave me joy when she said to me
I don’t have to leave right now
’cause I’m telling you I am
free, telling me she is free
from her mother
she’s another
like no other
put your bag and baggage in your head now
walk about salt and land
when you find what you’re looking for
come back to this lonely man
joy is at the end of hoping
happiness is there some days
Jesus told me I’m a spaceman
and I believe in every word he says




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