Song For Mr. C

22 04 2008

Saturday morning
I come in late
Just to find if you were there
Just to look at your long brown hair
And dream a dream out in the hall
Was that my name that’s just been called?
I don’t know, it could be
Have you got something to tell on me?
If you got something to tell on me babe
It better be good
Even though you hate me so much
I’m still comin’ back
Like you knew I would
You can’t believe
What I been through these last few months
It’s very difficult to tell the difference
Between the trumps and the down home dumps
Only one thing I can say to you
Even if you don’t believe it’s true
It’s true


It’s our turn now
To find out where we’re going
It’s your turn now
To find out where you’ve been
It’s our turn now
To keep the new direction
It’s your turn now
To cast off all your sin

Fellatia Fellatia how do you plead?
You don’t have to plead
For anything that you really need
Plead have mercy
When the wind starts blowin’ hard
And this cardboard world we’re livin’ in
It ain’t forgotten
Out in the yard
Out in the yard
Where the air is cold
And there ain’t no leaves to fall
He’s lookin’ hard at the ground for somethin’
Somethin’ that won’t show up
I keep lookin’ back over my shoulder
Couple of good friends goin’ by
Pour some wine over their fire
Don’t let the tears stay in your eyes
He’s not gone so very far
I know he’s very near
‘Cause every time I call his name
I know that he can hear


Hey Mr. Roberts don’t you tell me no lies
I don’t mind you being vain
Pick up the phone in your whitewashed house
Simpering that same refrain
Three to five more years
Is all you got
For you to do your nasty thing
Making rain, suffering pain
Telling everybody that it’s in his name
His name, whose name
What are you telling me?
I don’t believe your tales
Too many people living in this world
Don’t like being snails
If you gonna do it
Better get it together
Better go and make the change
Do it right now
Do it while it’s warm
Do it while it’s there within your range
It won’t be so very hard
You better have no fear
‘Cause by the time you get it done
It’ll be so clear





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