Coming Down Soft and Easy

22 04 2008

Tell a tale of married men
of simple shells and curried zen
falling through the world of when
serpent coils and hydrofoils
you don’t believe what he does with oils
speaking words that he said once
Peaches are predominant
peace has got no counterpoint
Peter said he had to go nowhere
But could it be a grand joke
a puff of smoke
yes it’s but a great day
to know the way
can’t you see the huge clouds go flying by
don’t you know
deep down we all are butterflies
just you take another look round
what you been seeing
what’s been running through your mind
is all we have at all
have you been to the tinkers’ ball
waiting for the light to come again
yes, we was sitting on a rooftop
looking at the planets
have you looked out there?
today is like tomorrow then
a little scared of the affairs of men
everybody also knows that they’ve been afraid
‘Cause they are frightened by a love life with everybody
terrified by the thought of
unity is probable
vanity is escapable
violence the workings of a tortured mind
waterbeds are really fun
sleeping in the baking sun
Debbie’s disappointed
but I think she knows it’s right
jellyfish are dangerous
politics are perilous
and I’m really glad that I’m not Richard’s friend
And I say sexual repression makes a lot of trouble
all it does is lead to
is in the head
the heart is short of being dead
have you got a reason for survival in the fall
Oh look at blood-soaked Charlie on a silk-stained bedsheet
can you tell me if you really want to
die in all your false belief?
I tell you now that there is no relief
you really gotta grow again
Psychosomatic delusions of euphoria
better dig it now
before becoming in memoriam




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