Summer Came (Shawn Phillips)

19 04 2008
Summer came with all of its heat
The kids were high and the cop on the beat
People were sleepin’ in the fire escapes
I saw girls in shorts with all kinds of shapes
The fire hydrants had all been turned on
The kids and people were singin’ a song
They’re singin’, we’re so glad that summer has come
We waited for this moment, we waited so long
We’ve waited so long

The days have passed and I’ve been there and gone
The greenery faded and the land is forlorn
The people wait, expectant faces
They hope the chill will go other places
But a even if it is hard it won’t be so bad
Some will be happy and some will be sad
And some will go skating on the Central Park lake
And some will go down, and some will get a break

But then there’s the people that don’t give a damn
Who forget all their troubles and love all they can
Now, I’m one of those people I know
Love every one, come sun or come snow
Give everyone a flexible heart
And it really won’t matter if they’re white or they’re dark
And that’s the way that it ought to be
Just room in this world for you and for me
And a we’ll live together yes we will love together
And this is the day and that is the way

And we’ll live, we’ll live together
We’ll love, we’ll love together
Yes, we’ll live and love together
Yes, we’ll live, love together




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