Not Quite Nonsense

19 04 2008

Hey Mr. Crumpet can we find another trumpet
Man to help us lead another round
Because it’s early in the morning
And everybody’s yawning
And we plan to do it one more time

So now cancel reservation
And conditioned elation
For this orchestra is just now getting formed
And with this banjo sitting here
And will the lady in the rear
Please be kind enough to take her lovely hat off

Mr. Grainger the arranger will be here in seconds flat
‘Cause he’s left his motor running on the sidewalk
But he’s far away to sea
Writing notes on what should be
But he’s coming back in time to lead the band
Don’t you hear him a coming round

And when everyone is there
Mrs. Klotch and Mr. Pear
Little Lennie and his brethern in the front row
Then we’ll all begin to sing
While the bandsmen do their thing
And we’ll call a stop to all that’s not harmonic




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