La Boîte à Chansons du Vieux Palais, L’Assomption Canada, Fri. May 4, 1997

8 04 2008

This concert was more acoustic. It happened in a very beautiful rustic courthouse with an old courtroom on the second floor. Shawn was playing in a kind of ballroom on the first floor with Jean-Phillippe Gariépy (guitar and voice) and Sophie Desrosiers (Cello).

What a great gig.

Shawn had to clear his throat sometimes in the beginning of the gig but it was better after that. The vocal harmony with Jean Philippe was fantastic.  One of the hotest moments of the show was when they did Lady in Violet from the Transcendence album.

I had the chance to talk with Shawn, Jean-Philippe, Sophie and Paulo in the big old fashioned dressing room before and after the show.

Shawn told me some stories about the Transcendence album. For example, a guy came into the studio one day during the recording of the album. He heard Shawn playing the melody of “Lament pour l’Enfant Mort”. He said to Shawn, “I can play that.” Shawn let him sit at the piano and they recorded this wonderful song. He also played piano on “Motes of Dust” during the session. Shawn paid him for his work and he left the studio, and Shawn has never heard or seen him since. His name was Scott MacDonald.
This was the perfect place for an intimate concert like Shawn put on. An old house is always full of spirit and warmth that fits perfectly with the mood Shawn Phillips creates.




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