Le Medley, Montréal Canada, Fri. May 2, 1997

8 04 2008

First, I went to the “Reddy Reddy GO” TV talk show last Wednesday. My wife, my two children, Paulo Medeiros, his son and daughter, and I were in the audience. It was fun despite the fact that Shawn appeared tired and this was amplified by the black and white effect they included on the first song on TV.
He did his two classic songs, WOMAN and MOONSHINE, with his band.

However, on Friday night, at the Medley, Shawn was in better shape and did the best gig with the band I have ever heard.

The band was composed of:

Jean Milaire on Guitar
Pascal Maillot on Keyboard
Daniel Galarneaux on Bass
Bernard Deslauriers (alias Bingo) on Drums
Sophie Desrosiers on Cello

They were simply tremendous. Jean Milaire is one of the best guitar players in Québec. Pascal Maillot did a really great job on keyboard too. The show began with Bright White. The more rhythmic version of Power of a Woman was very cool. The place was not overcrowded as it was last year and I had the joy of meeting other members of the Shawn Phillips Early-Morning-Hours mailing list like Jean-Francois, Louis-Martin, Francois, Paulo and his wife Céline.

As usual, Shawn autographed posters at the end of the show, to chat a bit and meet with his fans.





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