Cabaret Liquor Store, Ste-Foy Canada, Wed. May 14, 1997

8 04 2008

         I must say here that I wasn’t supposed to go to this gig because it’s about 150 miles from Montréal, where I live. But I was scheduled, at work, to go to a two day conference at Laval University in Québec City. So, Tuesday night, looking the SP tour web page, I realized he would be doing a gig when I was there and near the university.

        So, it turned out, after the end of the first conference day, I went to the show. I arrived at the Liquor Store at 9:00PM. I asked the door-man where Shawn’s dressing room was. After getting Shawn’s approval, the door-man let me in to the little backstage room.

         When I got in, Shawn was writing some notes on a piece of paper. I asked him what it was. He said: One second, let me finish. At the end he said: “Hey man, good timing, you arrived just at the end of the lyrics to the first song in 4 years. The song is called Beautiful People (later rename Try To Find A Way to avoid confusion with Marilyn Manson’s song of the same name).” I didn’t believe it at the time… I quickly read it while Shawn told me the subject of this new song. I replied: “And the music?” Shawn said: “As most of my songs, the music came at the same time as the words.” At that moment, he grabbed his guitar next to him and began to play the tune.

I was on another planet….
        At the end of the song, I lightly applauded Shawn, saying that I’d had the immense honor of being the first to applaude it. We talked till 10:00 and I left to take a seat for the concert.  

        The show was particularly hot with an excellent performance by the band. Shawn was proud of it too.

        On Shawn’s invitation, I went back to his dressing room after the show. Shawn introduced me to the guys in the band. I talked with Shawn while he was eating his supper.

        I left the Liquor Store with the impression that I had experienced a moment I’ll never forget…





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