Jazz Cafe, London UK, Sun. april 13, 1997

8 04 2008

Well, after 25 years it happened, a small and, shall we say, intimate gig in the heart of Camden, London. There were quite a few people there of a wide variety of ages, the majority of whom seemed to be familiar with at least some of Shawn’s work.

There were a few technical difficulties with the hired equipment (in Shawn’s words the stuff was ‘pretty funky’!) and acoustically the Jazz Cafe isn’t the best auditorium, but the sense of occasion over-ruled those minor imperfections.

Shawn was in fine form, great humour, and played a great mixture of old and new material; from “She Was Waiting…” and “Steel Eyes” to “Power of a Woman” and “Peace Song”. Between songs Shawn made a few humourous comments, like suggesting the title of one song was either “How can I miss you if you don’t go away?”, “If the phone doesn’t ring, that’ll be me”, or “If I’d have shot you when I wanted to I’d be out by now”!

It was a great show, and I’ll remember those two hours for years to come, so thanks to Shawn (and Arlo) for making the trip and also to the chap who invited them over in the first place!

As an aside, the chap I went to the concert with is normally a fan of grungey-type alternative rock and usually shies away from acoustic guitars unless they are being thrashed by Bob Mould. Anyway he enjoyed the concert and recognised what a phenomenal songwriter and guitarist Shawn is. He could also sense it was a special occasion and one of some importance.

Just don’t wait another 25 years before you come back Shawn!





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29 11 2008

My whole family went to see Shawn at the Jazz Cafe. We had travelled down from York. The concert was amazing. Is he really just one person? How does he do that?

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